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Fund Development 101:

How to raise private funds for long term sustainability

“The #1 challenge we face year after year is funding.  If we had more money to sustain our work, we could serve more marriages and families and change the world.”


If anyone at your non-profit organization has ever uttered these words or something similar, then this 1-day training workshop is for you. 


Keeping enough funding in the organizational “gas tank” is one of the top challenges non-profits in our field face.  Whether your organization’s private fund development work has never launched, has started but just can’t get any traction, or is more established but wants to take it to the next level, you should sign up for this training today.    


During this interactive workshop, participants will learn the 5 stages of Fund Development “Moves Management” through instruction, discussion, and role plays.  Each participant will take pen to paper, and by the end of the day will have a written draft of a fund development sustainability plan for their organization.  

Moves Management is a great system to make private fundraising more productive.   It’s a thoughtful way to organize and manage the daunting and somewhat fuzzy process of fundraising.  The goal of moves management is move donors and prospective donors down the path to making gifts to your organization.  Each “move” is a significant and systematic step in the fund development process. These steps are proven strategies that gradually build up your donor’s awareness, interest, and commitment to your organization’s vision and mission.

The session will review five  stages of Fund Development Moves Management :




4)    ASK!



Richard Albertson
Presenter & Facilitator

Richard Albertson has served as the Founding President of in Florida since 1998.  Live the Life’s annual budget exceeded $5.2 million in 2023.  Richard also serves as the Board Chair for NARME.  With more than 40 years of private fund development experience, Richard has raised tens of millions in private dollars for multiple non-profit organizations.  

Schedule and Registration

Date: June 23, 2024 at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City


9:00a – 5:00p with a one hour lunch break (lunch on your own)

Cost:  $99 for NARME Members or  $199 for non-members.  Add this option to your registration.  NARME Membership is $100 

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