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Lynn Johnson


As president of AIFF, Lynn A. Johnson drives the mission, fundraising, operations, andengagement with the board of directors and volunteers. Her focus for AIFF is to bring thenonprofit to a national initiative that empowers communities, nonprofit agencies, faith-basedorganizations, government, and businesses to combat the crisis of children aging out of the fostercare system, adoption, poverty, and human trafficking. Her determination, passion, and strongbelief in the dignity of all people are paired with her deep faith in Jesus Christ to bring value anddignity to all people no matter their challenges.Exuding to her solid and compassionate leadership style, Lynn has held many positions in thechild welfare system and, most recently, served as the assistant secretary for the Administrationfor Children and Families in the US Department of Health and Human Services in a Senate-confirmed appointment. She led an agency with a $60 billion budget and over sixty programsdesigned to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children, individuals, and families.Under this appointment, she created the ALL IN for Foster Care and Adoption Challenge — anational call for partners in every state, including governors, agencies, courts, churches,community organizations, foster alumni, and the public, to commit to being ALL IN for finding“forever families” for the 122,000 children per year awaiting homes. These children are atimminent risk of ending up in other systems like juvenile justice, homelessness, or humantrafficking. Lynn believes that these are “America’s children.” With a combined strategy ofprimary prevention on the front-end, when families need intervention and wrapping aroundthose who step up to adopt youth waiting for homes, the 122,000 children would be rapidlyreduced. Lynn knows we all have a role to play and is making connections for success forvulnerable families and children.As the executive director of Jefferson County, Colorado, Department of Human Services, sheprovided dignity and respect for our most vulnerable community members to end poverty,eliminate abuse and neglect, and stop the trafficking of children. Lynn served as chief of stafffor former Colorado Lieutenant Governor Jane E. Norton. She was also deputy director forpolicy and human services policy advisor for former Colorado Governor Bill Owens. With herexpertise in child welfare, welfare reform, and criminal justice, she has been appointed tonumerous committees and won multiple awards for excellence in human servicestransformations and customer service.Lynn has been married for thirty-seven years and has three adult children.

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