** Denotes CE's

Wednesday, July 18 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Relationship Goals: Plug-n-Play Series for Singles & Couples** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: A-1

Description: Learn about the brand-new plug-n-play video-led discussion group versions of PICK for singles and LINKS for couples—each has six sessions with 20-minute videos with Dr. John Van Epp & Dr. Morgan Cutlip and accompanying discussion guides for 1.5-hour discussion and skill-training activities/homework. No certification needed. Community and Christian versions.

Presenter: John Van Epp, Ph.D, Love Thinks 


Marketing Your Marriage Program (No CE's)

Workshop Number: A-2

Description: There are multiple ways to market the good work you are doing. From personal contacts, to social media, to using past attendees to market for you. This workshop will provide practical ways you can get more people to your classes and retreats. 

Presenter: Ron McLain, Healthy Marriage Coalition 


Rebooting and Updating the Emotional Brain** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: A-3

Description: Couples often get stuck in what has happened in the past or expend their energy worrying about the future. In this workshop, you will learn some of the latest neuroscience interventions to update and reboot the emotional brain. You will be provided with the skills to teach your clients to realize that their brain has a data processing error that consumes energy and how they can update and reload some of the emotional programs that have been running in the background so they will free up energy to move toward what has value and possibility.

Presenter: Jean Griffis, Ph.D.


Just Because You Are Talking Doesn’t Mean You Are Being Heard: How to help couples get on the same page with communication. (No CE's)

Workshop Number: A-4

Description: There are always 4 conversations going on in relationships. There is what was said, then there is what was heard; There is what meant, and then there is what was felt. The key is to get all 4 of those things on the same page. This workshop helps partners in relationship get on the same page with verbal and non-verbal communication.

Presenter: Daryl Fletcher, Love Logistics Circle 


Reinvigorating and Re-envisioning Premarital Education for the iGeneration** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: A-5

Description: In this workshop, we will discuss the unique challenges that iGeneration emerging adults are facing in forming healthy and stable marriages, especially lower income iGens, and how premarital education -- reinvigorated and re-envisioned -- can help them make the transition to marriage.

Presenter: Alan Hawkins, Ph.D, Brigham Young University & Tiffany L. Clyde, Brigham Young University


Healthy Family Formation and the Man Problem (No CE's)

Workshop Number: A-6

Description: Two essential legs of the three-legged “family formation stool” are of course marriage and parenting. There is a third leg that few appreciate, but is just as important. It is the good, marriageable man. Women, in general, will always desire marriage and motherhood, as usually quite deeply. What they lack today is good marriageable men. That is the wobbly leg. The bulk of the talk then addresses the nature of manhood and how it, unlike womanhood, must be socially taught and expected.

Presenter: Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family 


Wednesday, July 18 / 1:45p - 3:15p

 Hidden Hero's: Relative's Raising Relatives' Children** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: B-1

Description: During this interactive, experiential workshop, participants will recognize the rewards and challenges of people who are raising the children of relatives.  Informal vs. formal arrangements, impact on family dynamics, redefining life's purpose, and understanding the every day sacrifices that are required of these 'hidden heroes.'  The contrasts between kinship care and foster care will be highlighted and creating a 'kinship care' support/advocacy network in your community will be discussed.

Presenter: Erin Simile, LMFT, CFLE, Family Wellness 


Teaching Through Play: Experiential Learning in Relationship Education (No CE's)

Workshop Number: B-2

Description: Learn how to make content come alive and foster interaction among participants through activities, games and other creative methods. This workshop will demonstrate and connect hands-on activities to help participants not only understand the content, but also experience what they are learning during the process.

Presenter: Reggie Madison, and Anovia Braden, First Things First 


Tips from the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse on Effective Co-Parenting (No CE's)

Workshop Number: B-3

Description: This interactive workshop will share resources available through the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (www.fatherhood.gov) that can help support fathers who are co-parenting. Growing up with two parents benefits children financially, therefore, encouraging fathers to be involved in the lives of children, biological or not, can help increase family stability. This workshop will introduce interactive tips for encouraging healthy relationship skill-building and healthy parenting for fathers and father figures who assist in the care of children as a strategy for helping co-parenting and blended families experience less conflict. 

Presenter: James Worthy and Darrell Freeman, National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse


 Recruitment and Retention of African Americans (No CE's)

Workshop Number: B-4

Description: African Americans are often misunderstood and may appear to be difficult to work with. In this session you will learn new tips and tools on how to engage, recruit and retain African Americans in Healthy Marriage programs and also in groups.

Presenter: Avis Files, Pathway Inc. 


Divorce Dollars: Avoiding the 10 Biggest Bloopers When Your Marriage Bottoms Out** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: B-5

Description: This workshop will cover how to avoid the 10 Most Costly divorce decisions before they happen. 

Presenter: Dawn Bradford, Ed.D, University of Houston-Downtown



It's Time to Retool the "The Talk": Helping Millennials Navigate the Brave New World of Intimate Relationships** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: B-6

Description: Modern love presents us with a dizzying array of choices and challenges, but young adults in particular are navigating a brave new world of intimate relationships. In this workshop, we will explore essential aspects of a “wholehearted” relationship education that prepares them to make choices aligned with who they are and who they want to be.

Presenter: Alexandra Solomon, Ph.D, The Family Institute at Northwestern University


Thursday, July 19 / 11:00a - 12:30p

The Magic Moment to Reach Dads (No CE's)

Workshop Number: C-1

Description: When is the best time to engage and impact fathers? Discover when the "magical moment" occurs and how to use it to better your Fatherhood and Relationship & Marriage Education programs. 

Presenter: Jeremy Walden, Auburn University


Navigating Differences (No CE's)

Workshop Number: C-2

Description: Learn skills for exploring generational, gender, and learning style differences in an activity based session that outlines practical ways for connecting parents, children, and educators.

Presenter: Joneen Mackenzie, and Darius Jones, The Center for Relationship Education 


Want to Enrich Your Marriage? There is an App for That! (No CE's)

Workshop Number: C-3

Description: Utilizing technology to promote and support the development of healthy relationships is critical in the 21st century! This workshop will expose participants to an innovative, team-themed web application that allows couples to chronicle their marital journey in a fun and engaging way! Using a mobile device or home computer, couples can record franchise history, earn trophies, assess game day progress and stay connected with other teams. If you are looking for an effective, yet creative marriage enrichment tool, this workshop is for you!

Presenter: Leslie Griffin, Marriage Champs 


How to Destigmatize Your MRE Programs (No CE's)

Workshop Number: C-4

Description: Get practical help in reducing stigma often associated with RME programs. Learn proven strategies for attracting more participants and leave with a plan to move MRE from being perceived as a “hospital for troubled couples” to a “relationship health club.”

Presenter: Don and Alex Flecky, CoupleTalk



Gender and Money: Are there sex differences in money? (No CE's)

Workshop Number: C-5

Description: How do spouses and partners come to healthy arrangements in their relationship and their relationship to money? In this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of how to help couples navigate money with their spouse. 

Presenter:  Shaunti Feldhahn and Mary Messina, Brightpeak Financial 



Understanding the Complex Dynamics of StepFamily Marriage and Parenting** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: C-6

Description: The stepfamily is now the number one family type in America; as a result, it is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the unique complexities in a stepfamily system. An interactive exploration of the unique issues faced in step family work, including: Pre-marital for step families, Issues of love and loss for children/parents, Communication strategies with the ex and extended families, Marriage and the integration years, Solidifying and enhancing new family identity, and 3 videos. Co-presenters are husband and wife in a stepfamily dynamic who co-counsel step couples.

Presenter:  Jay and Tammy Daughtry, MMFT's, Co-Parenting International


Friday, July 20 / 9:00a - 10:30a

Relationship Education: Encouraging Participation Through Experiential Date Nights (No CE's)

Workshop Number: D-1

Description: Experiential date nights encourage participation in relationship education by offering low-cost, hands-on activities that enhance interpersonal skills. Participants will receive information and suggestions to design and implement similar programming. 

Presenter: Elizabeth Davis, Utah State University


Healing Trauma Through Forgiving** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: D-2

Description: Research on forgiveness reveals its benefits emotionally and spiritually. It also has relational benefits and can be a path towards healing trauma and emotional wounds. This session focuses on forgiveness, what it is, what it is not, the health benefits and a forgiveness intervention to use with couples.

Presenter: Richard Marks, Ph.D., Live the Life 


Presenting With Passion (No CE's)

Workshop Number: D-3

Description: There is a lot of great content available for MRE presentations, but how you present it can make the difference between a ho-hum talk and a dynamic, memorable learning experience that leaves your audience wanting more. Learn tips and techniques for personalizing the material, using illustrations and visual aids effectively, and engaging your listeners with energy and passion.

Presenter: Larry Compter, Compass Marriage & Relationship Services


Parenting with The Happy Kid Toolkit (No CE's)

Workshop Number: D-4

Description: This workshop is designed for marriage and family counselors to learn how to use the Happy Kid Toolkit to teach parents the importance of healthy communication, setting boundaries and parenting without the need to blame, shame or collapse into helplessness. This workshop features the unique Happy Kid Toolkit framework, which provides specific language and practical tools to teach counselors a highly effective strategy to engage with, respond, and relate to children in emotionally healthier ways that promote self-accountability, self-initiation, and self-responsibility. 

Presenter: Danielle Alvarez Greer, The Happy Family Coach 


Shifting the Conversation from Sex to Love (No CE's)

Workshop Number: D-5

Description: This session will outline the essentials of healthy relationship development for adolescents. The goal of this shift is to elevate the sex education debate to be primarily about relational health and wellness. The participants, along with the facilitator, will explore issues of the heart, social norming, behavior change theory, relationship attachment, success sequencing, teen pregnancy prevention, poverty prevention, mental health, bullying, substance abuse, sexual harassment and assault.

Presenter: Joneen Mackenzie, The Center for Relationship Education



"Don't Just Do Something; Stand There!" Gender and Listening Skills** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: D-6

Description: A healthy part of marriage includes mutually satisfying conversations--lots of them! But often dialogue between spouses breaks down within seconds of their beginning. Linguist Deborah Tannen posits that men use talk to "report" while women use talk for "rapport."  This seminar addresses listening skills for couples in general, and specifically addresses gender differences in speaking and listening. 

Presenter: Scott Haltzman, MD


Friday, July 20 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Predicting Relationship Wellbeing for Distressed Couples in Relationship Education Programs** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: E-1

Description: The associations between the quality of intimate relationships, health outcomes, and overall family stability are well established and cross-cultural. These consistent findings have contributed to the nationwide proliferation of interventions developed to promote healthy relationships. To date, these interventions have produced mixed results. This workshop will describe specific variables that may reliably predict changes in relationship quality for high-risk couples and, therefore, may enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of relationship education programs.

Presenter: Traci Pacita Maynigo, PsyD, EdM, Montifiore Medical Center and Tabitha Gonzalez, Montefiore Medical Center 


Positive Psychology and Flourishing Relationships** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: E-2

Description: We know that friendship, humor, positive experience, and joy is the key to flourishing relationships. But how do we become more intentional about creating positive experiences and harness the power of positivity to regulate conflict? Positive psychology offers many tools. Come to this workshop to find out how.

Presenter: Dr. LaWanda Evans, Ed.D, LPC, NCC


Elevate: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: E-3

Description:  This workshop will introduce participants to a free/low-cost couples education curriculum grounded in research and best practices of family life education. Informed by the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model (see www.nermen.org), this 8-hour program blends practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction and the application of mindfulness to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills.

Presenter: Ted Futris, Ph.D., CLFE, University of Georgia


The Sex is Great But we Still Can't Communicate: How to have effective communication in your relationship. (No CE's)

Workshop Number: E-4

Description: Many couples struggle in the area of communication. They know how to have sex with their partner, however they don’t know how to connect with them effectively. This workshop helps identify 6 enemies of the effective communication and how to break through those obstacles to have effective communication inside and outside the bedroom.

Presenter: Daryl Fletcher, Love Logistics Circle



Program Development and Implementation (No CE's)

Workshop Number: E-5

Description: This workshop will discuss how to develop a program that meets the community needs and how to implement the program using community partnership as the model. 

Presenter: Avis Files, Pathway Inc.



Money Habitudes** (1.5 CE's)

Workshop Number: E-6

Description: Money is considered the most difficult topic to talk about.  No more!  This simple deck of cards (or online version) makes it easy to start money conversations. Plus couples get instant insights to how they may compliment and balance each other even if there is conflict or stress related to money.  It’s quick, fun and easy whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for many, many years.

Presenter: Syble Solomon, M.Ed., Money Habitudes