Wednesday, July 18 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Divorce Dollars: Avoiding the 10 Biggest Bloopers When Your Marriage Bottoms Out

Workshop Number: A-1

Description: This workshop will cover how to avoid the 10 Most Coslty divorce decisions before they happen. 

Presenter: Dawn Bradford, American Education Company


Marketing Your Marriage Program 

Workshop Number: A-2

Description: There are multiple ways to market the good work you are doing. From personal contacts, to siocial media, to using past attendees to market for you. This workshop will provide practical ways you can get more people to your classes and retreats. 

Presenter: Ron McLain, Healthy Marriage Coalition 


Rebooting and Updating the Emotional Brain

Workshop Number: A-3

Description: Couples often get stuck in what has happened in the past or expend their energy worrying about the future. In this workshop, you will learn some of the latest neuroscience interventions to update and reboot the emotional brain. You will be provided with the skills to teach your clients to realize that their brain has a data processing error that consumes energy and how they can update and reload some of the emotional programs that have been running in the background so they will free up energy to move toward what has value and possibility.

Presenter: Jean Griffis


Helping Individuals and Couples Dealing with Pornography Use** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: A-4

Description: This workshop will discuss the harmful effects of pornography use on marriages, look at recent research exploring pornography use as well as indicators of marital health, emotional health, and religious/spiritual health, and outline interventions that anyone can use when working with couples with problematic pornography use.

Presenter: Lucy Phillips 


Providing Relationship Education for the Military with Civilian Partnerships

Workshop Number: A-5

Description: This workshop will highlight a case study of successful civilian-military partnerships, with application on how organizations can replicate portions of this program. Successes and challenges as a local nonprofit organization-military partnership will be shared. Participants will learn strategies and best practices for reaching out to local military, logistics, ongoing communication, and evaluation.

Presenter: Nikkole Abbas


Individual RE vs Couple RE: Do We Need to Re-Prioritize?** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: A-6

Description: Most of relationship education (and research evaluating its effectiveness) is directed at intact couples. While there is an important role for couple-oriented relationship education, a wide range of research now points to the reality that too many couples begin marriage (or cohabiting relationships) already with significant problems. This workshop will explore the reasons why waiting to help intact couples may be ineffective. In addition, we will explore the potential for individually-oriented relationship literacy education for youth and young adults to help individuals get to marriage with less baggage and better prepared for a healthy, stable marriage.

Presenter: Alan Hawkins


Friday, July 28 / 1:45p - 3:15p

Home Run Dads: Helping Fathers Step Up to the Plate** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: B-1

Description: Learn how to teach and facilitate the evidenced-based Home Run Dads program, where dads are compared to positive coaches, kids to players, and families to teams. Learn to engage fathers in activities like developing a game plan for parenting goals, individual stat sheets for each child, and other sports-related small group activities that apply the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) to fathers managing their relationships with their children.

Presenter: John Van Epp


Connecting the Head with the Heart of the Consumer** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: B-2

Description: Learn to leverage the power of story to help people understand who your organization is, what you stand for, what your values are, and what your vision is. Your unique story has power. Put it to work. Learn how the right story connects your marketing activities with meaning.

Presenter: Sarah Pichardo


It Is a Sin to be Boring

Workshop Number: B-3

Description: Discover the secrets of communicating your ideas better, visually. The majority of people are visual learners. Are you sure you are connecting with them?

Presenter: Jeremy Walden


Choose Your Own Adulthood: Helping Young Adults Choose Their Way to Maturity** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: B-4

Description: If young adults' brains don't fully develop until 25, why do we ask them to make so many huge life choices between 16-24? This spurred Hal Runkel to write the book Choose Your Own Adulthood. This book is helping high school and College students face the small, everyday choices that make the biggest difference. This book and school curriculum are helping these emerging adults choose well on the adventure of adulthood.

Presenter: Hal Runkel


Marriage and Relationships in 21st Century America 

Workshop Number: B-5

Description: Tapping into data collected from millions of couples over 35 years and other research, we will explore statistical themes and trends that both unify and distinguish the marriage and relationship status of Boomers, GenXer's and Millennials. In addition, we will share practical skills and tactics for adapting to the changing dynamics of working with couples and promoting healthy relationships.

Presenter: Luke Nelson, Laura Waldvogel, and Justin Miller 



Making the Case for Integration of Relationship Education 

Workshop Number: B-6

Description: This workshop is intended to provide participants with the knowledge, tools and research to explore the long lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress in a child's ability to form and sustain interpersonal relationships and executive functioning, to advocate the importance of healthy relationship skills in the context of serving low-resourced individuals and families, and develop skills and strategies for integrating relationship education into existing services and build organizational capacity to serve clients with multiple barriers.

Presenter: Robyn Cenizal


Saturday, July 29 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Best Practices in Recruiting Fathers to Your Program** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: C-1

Description: Increasing fatherhood involvement has direct benefits for children, mothers, and the fathers themselves. Recruiting fathers to family programs, however, can be challenging. This workshop will discuss how national responsible fatherhood programs have successfully recruited and retained fathers in an effort to strengthen families. Additionally, participants will learn how to access free resources through the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse to support their staff and families.

Presenter: Eugene Schneeberg & James Worthy


Intentional Motherhood: A Healing Journey** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: C-2

Description: Relationships are a key aspect in mental health. This highly interactive workshop will provide mothers and the professionals who work with them insights and tools based on the recent findings in the fields of Positive Psychology, Interpersonal Neuro Biology, and the Family Wellness principles. 

Presenter: Ana Morante


Breaking the Cycles of Family Destruction** (1.5 CE hours) 

Workshop Number: C-3

Description:  This workshop will offer proven solutions for breaking cycles of family destruction and strengthening the most vulnerable families through permanent changes in thinking, better skills in communicating, and offering a path of self-improvement instead of self-destruction.

Presenter: Ron & Catherine Tijerina 


10 Years After "The Secrets to Happily Married Men"** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: C-4

Description: Marriage education occurs on many levels, from grass roots organizations to national policy initiatives. By entering the forum of Marriage Education though the medical field and through publishing self-help books, Scott Haltzman reflects on his personal experience since his 2006 bestselling book.

Presenter: Scott Haltzman


The Science of Love and Money

Workshop Number: C-5

Description: We've conducted and assembled years of research around our practical, emotional, and spiritual relationship to money. In response to the research, we've developed a range of categories that attempt to describe and illuminate different stages in our financial lives, not only based on how much money is in our pockets, but also how we feel about our expenses, our debts, our extra, our ability to give and share, and the role that money plays in our relationships.

Presenter:  Dr. Sonya Britt & Rafa Robert 



Addressing the Unique Dynamics of Parenting in Step-Families** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: C-6

Description: An interactive exploration of the unique issues faced in step family work, including: Pre-marital for step families, Issues of love and loss for children/parents, Communication strategies with the ex and extended families, Marriage and the integration years, and Solidifying and enhancing new family identity.

Presenter: Tammy Daughtry


Sunday, July 30 / 9:00a - 10:30a

Dad's Making a Difference: Empowering Fathers to Positively Impact Their Children 

Workshop Number: D-1

Description: Many fathers are being incarcerated due to failure to pay child support. Participants in this workshop will learn about a highly successful, innovative program designed to help men avoid incarceration by helping them: find jobs, create a support network, learn how to navigate the system, assist them in budgeting and financial literacy, help them re-engage in the lives of their children, and have a healthy relationship with the mother of their children.

Presenter: Reginald Madison


Easy Tech Tools to Boost the Effectiveness of Your RME Programs

Workshop Number: D-2

Description: This workshop will review and demonstrate a number of practical technology-based tools to enhance the effectiveness of RME programs. Current research will be reviewed which supports the use of new forms of technology to increase the likelihood that participants will actually use the relationship and communication skills after the class is over. 

Presenter: Don & Alex Flecky 


Inside the Hookup Culture: Understanding Relational Dilemmas Facing Millennials** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: D-3

Description: Today's emerging adults are navigating a brave new dating world of hookups, friends with benefits, and other ambiguous relationships, facilitated and amplified by new technologies and digital platforms. Integrating cutting edge research with empirically supported therapeutic approaches, participants will learn how to help their clients manage relational boundaries in a way that supports and maximizes their health and well-being.

Presenter: Alexandra Solomon


Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: D-4

Description: How does childhood trauma impact lifelong relationships? Healthy Minds is a skill-based program that not only answers this question but takes participants into their own life-changing experience. In this introductory workshop, you will be presented with a treasure chest of Brain Changing, everyday practices usable by teachers, facilitators, workshop leaders, and anyone who works with others for change.

Presenter: Carolyn Curtis


Two Are Better Than One: Teaching a Team Approach in ME Makes All the Difference** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: D-5

Description: This workshop will expose participants to the Marriage Champs Model (MCM), an innovative, faith-based approach to teaching marriage education.

Presenter: Leslie Griffin


Navigating Differences** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: D-6

Description: Learn skills for exploring generational, gender, and learning style differences in an activity based session that outlines practical ways for connecting parents, children, and educators.

Presenter: Lauren Reitsema & Darius Jones


Sunday, July 30 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Moral Injury and Healing of the Soul: An Existential and Spiritual Crisis at the Juncture of Our Moral Limits** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: E-1

Description: This workshop will offer a description and understanding of Moral Injury in relationship to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The participant will learn to recognize how Moral Injury is distinct from PTSD and how it often times relates to PTSD. Through a variety of means, participants will gain knowledge of how the nature of war downrange or in the homeland can wound the human spirit. Therapeutic and theological ramifications, as well as treatment options will be discussed. Discussions will center on what we know and what we are learning about moral injury, as well as how this affects the course of treatment for wounded souls. Perspectives of pastoral counseling within and outside of the military system will be provided with an eye on intervention for the damaged spirit. Case examples will be presented and group discussions will be facilitated.

Presenter: Tom Waynick


Help, Is Any Dad Out There? Strategies for Dad's of Children with Special Needs** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: E-2

Description: This workshop will focus on the unique challenges facing dads of children with special needs. Four common experiences that these dads face will be discussed. Effective strategies for encouraging dads will be presented, and specific plans for coping as a dad of a child with special needs will be explored.

Presenter: Jason Duckworth


Meet the Need: Core Needs for Intimacy** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: E-3

Description:  Just as humans have physical needs for health, there are certain relational needs that must be met for love to be experienced. This workshop identifies these needs and how educators can help couples.

Presenter: Richard Marks 


Implementing GROWTH Curriculum** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: E-4

Description: Growth is a curriculum designed to teach healthy relationship education. How individuals relate to others is contingent upon how well they know themselves. This dynamic curriculum works with the participants own resources and uses them as a way of promoting GROWTH.

Presenter: Nancy Duarte-Gomez



Change Leadership

Workshop Number: E-5

Description: Today, everyone is affected by the whirlwind of change. The rapid pace of change is attributed to ongoing social, economic, and technology advancements. Change leadership is about seizing opportunities to drive big visions that transform organizations, keep employees engaged, and deliver services that have life changing impacts.

Presenter: Eugenia Davalos



Exceeding Expectations in Healthy Marriage Grants** (1.5 CE hours)

Workshop Number: E-6

Description: The purpose of our workshop is to share best practices of AVANCE Healthy Marriage programs and how the support of the entire company help creates a successful program. An explanation of the breakdown of our own program, recruiting strategies, and the importance of great staff.

Presenter: Nakia Edwards