** CEUs Provided

Tuesday, July 19 / 11:00a - 12:30p

One Heart, Two Homes: Co-Parenting Kids of Divorce to a Positive Future** 

Workshop Number: A-1

Description: Divorce impacts over a million children a year in America. Children's adjustment to divorce is impacted by six specific risks, according to Amato's research. By educating divorced parents about these risks and empowering them to counter-act these risks with protective factors, therapists and family advocates can make a critical and positive impact on society and future generations to come. Multi-media tools and handouts will be shared for use with single parents and step parents. 

Presenter: Tammy Daughtry


Building Something Better For Your Organization**

Workshop Number: A-2

Description: Leaders must make quick decisions, handle problems, and deal with changes in clients and staff in order to build a better organization. Navigating these challenges relies on multiple skills to successfully deal with clients, across departments, and with difficult individuals. This is a workshop for directors, program managers, supervisors, and future leaders. Participants will gain knowledge, tools and skills to get the highest productivity from their team. 

Presenter: Michael Simile


What Are They Thinking? National Study of Married Individuals Thinking About Divorce**

Workshop Number: A-3

Description: While we know a lot about what factors influence divorce, we know very little about how people go about making decisions to divorce or stay together. In this workshop, we will present the results of a national. longitudinal survey of 3,000 married individuals, 25% of whom had recent thoughts about divorce. Our results have important implications for marriage education and therapy.

Presenter: Alan Hawkins


Marriage Survival Curriculum: It's a Jungle Out There!**

Workshop Number: A-4

Description: This presentation will provide a preview of the Marriage Survival class, including viewing multimedia presentations, handouts, and participating in hands-on learning activities and games.

Presenter: Naomi Brower


Dating In The Instagram Age: How Teens Navigate Relationships Now**

Workshop Number: A-5

Description: This workshop will provide ways to help kids recognize potentially abusive relationships, how the media affects teen's ideas about relationships and what is normal, and intervention strategies to help kids get out of an emotionally or physically dangerous relationship.

Presenter: Jill Murray


Tuesday, July 19 / 1:45p - 3:15p

How to Launch a Powerful Marriage Ministry** 

Workshop Number: B-1

Description: Learn how to build a Marriage Ministry and provide steps to support families throughout the life cycle, Dating, Engaged, Newlyweds and Marriage Enrichment.

Presenter: Luke Nelson


Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Programs Serving Youth**

Workshop Number: B-2

Description: This workshop will present findings from the YEARS (Youth Education and Relationship Services) project. It will identify promising approaches used by grantees to serve youth in HMRE programs.

Presenter: Mindy Scott


Combating the Fear Factor: Preventing Re-Divorce in Stepfamily Couples**

Workshop Number: B-3

Description: Helping couples manage stressors and the fear they foster is vital to preventing divorce, strengthening the couple bond, and fostering harmony in the blended family. 

Presenter: Ron Deal


Fundraising 101: Practical Strategies for Long-Term Sustainability**

Workshop Number: B-4

Description: If the idea of raising money makes you break out in a cold sweat, it doesnt have to be that way. This workshop will help you develop a plan along with giving you practical strategies and tools to help you effectively fund raise for your organization. 

Presenter: Julie Baumgardner and Panel 



Wednesday, July 20 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Breaking Barriers to Communication**

Workshop Number: C-1

Description: The workshop is focused on how love, respect and empathy can help couples understand their differences and communicate effectively.

Presenter: Garrick Pang 


Building Loving and Lasting Marriages: Marriage 101**

Workshop Number: C-2

Description: Referred to as the most popular course on campus, "Marriage 101" has been taught to undergraduate students at Northwestern University for 16 years. This workshop will review the curriculum including course goals, assignments, and integration of experiential learning.

Presenter: Alexandra Solomon


From Trauma to Thriving: Empowering People for Lasting Change** 

Workshop Number: C-3

Description:  Trauma significantly diminishes ones quality of life and ability to contribute to society. This workshop focuses on the importance of skill building as an essential aspect of regaining power and bringing forth the best in people.

Presenter: Ana Morante


Teaching Empathy to Couples: A Tool to Help Couples Connect, Even in Conflict**

Workshop Number: C-4

Description:Learn a unique listening skill used in evidence-based RME for over 40 years. Listening with Empathy helps the listener actively share their partner's experience, including feelings. You'll leave equipped to teach this simple, yet profound skill in your RME programs.

Presenter: Don and Alex Flecky


Good Fathering: What Fathers Need to Know and Easy Ways to Teach Them**

Workshop Number: C-5

Description: This workshop will provide an overview of valuable information and skills for single fathers, remarried fathers, and stepfathers that can be easily integrated or added to the parenting and marriage programs you are already using (since most programs focus on traditional family roles).

Presenter: Jayna Haney


Thursday, July 21 / 9:00a - 10:30a

Relationship IQ: Changing Lives of Young Adults in Your Community** 

Workshop Number: D-1

Description: Relationship IQ targets this unique life stage and gives tools to help you be relevant and attractive to young adults. Come learn approaches that engage and content that changes lives.

Presenter: Hannah Parmelee


Bring Trauma Awareness to Your Program**

Workshop Number: D-2

Description: The workshop introduces a simple trauma awareness program that can be implemented in your marriage or fatherhood program. Learn evidence based strategies developed by the foremost leaders in trauma and help your participants begin the journey of healing.

Presenter: Carolyn Curtis


The Synergy of Interdisciplinary Collaboration**

Workshop Number: D-3

Description: Learn effective ways to build coalitions and relationships with outside providers to create synergy and referrals. This workshop will include a structured discussion about the challenges faced and ideas for how to create a more synergistic and reliable network.

Presenter: TBA


Must-Do Marketing in the Digital Age**

Workshop Number: D-4

Description: Come and learn how to find and target the people who need your services, the most successful marketing tactics to reach your audience, and lessons from successful and failed marketing efforts.

Presenter: Jason Krafsky

Thursday, July 21 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Restoration Therapy: Getting to the Heart and Mind of Healing in Couple Therapy** 

Workshop Number: E-1

Description: Restoration therapy is a new approach to assessment, treatment and healing in marital and couple therapy. This workshop will concentrate on three basic aspects of the Restoration Therapy model.

Presenter: Terry Hargrave


Raising Successful Women in a Fast Changing World **

Workshop Number: E-2

Description: Now, more than ever before, mothers need support and ideas on how to guide their teenage daughters to become successful women in a global/instant world. Learn some essential tools on how to help mothers during this vulnerable stage in family life.

Presenter: Ana Morante


The PICK No-Jerks Course: Teach Adults & Youth, and Empower Parents ** 

Workshop Number: E-3

Description:  Learn to teach middle through college-age young adults the PICK curriculum: 5 or 10-lessons, Christian and secular versions, and a Parent Guide to teach parents how to talk with their kids about the program.

Presenter: John Van Epp


Understanding Emotional Baggage and Impact on Relationships for Low Income People **

Workshop Number: E-4

Description: This workshop will discuss successful techniques in engaging low income couples in improving their communication skills as well as introducing self-awareness techniques that help couples explore their own individual past relationships, evaluate how those experiences have shaped their view about relationships, and how these views impact their current relationship.

Presenter: Gerald Ford