** CEUs Provided


Becoming a Change Agent ** 

Workshop Number: 3T-1

Date/Time: Saturday, July 16 - Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: Family Wellness teaches two jobs, three skills and three patterns that effectively develop healthy individuals, couples, and families. Learn an interactive teaching style that is fun and includes the entire family. Learn how to strengthen families the Family Wellness way!

Presenter: Joseph Hernandez


PICK, LINKS, and Home Run Dads**

Workshop Number: 3T-2

Date/Time: Saturday, July 16 - Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: This certification training includes the PICK, LINKS, and Home Run Dads Instructor Training. Learn how the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) can provide a universal plan for building safe intimacy both before and into marriage, and maintain a strong and resilient relationship in marriage. You will also learn how to teach and facilitate the Home Run Dads course, Fatherhood version of the Our Home Runs, filled with activities, small group discussions, and practical exercises for Dads to do together and take home to their child(ren).

Presenter: John Van Epp


Brain Train: How to Effectively Address Trauma in Community Based Programs**

Workshop Number: 2T-2

Date/Time: Sunday, July 17 - Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: Trauma impacts growth and success in all areas of a person's life, with over 65% of our population experiencing at least one adverse childhood experience and 20% experiencing three or more.  Without awareness of how to address trauma our community based agencies services can inadvertently continue their injury.  This two-day Brain Train program will focus on an organizational strategy and individual interventions.

Presenter: Carolyn Curtis


PREPARE/ENRICH Certification** 

Workshop Number: 1T-1

Date/Time: Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: Become certified to use the nations #1 Premarital and Marriage assessments In our day-long workshop, you'll get thorough training on the program, providing you with the skills you need to use the PREPARE/ENRICH materials most effectively.

Presenter: Luke Nelson


Relationship IQ Instructor Training**

Workshop Number: 1T-2

Date/Time: Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: Relationship IQ is a powerful tool that makes an enormous difference in the lives of young adults. This dynamic, hands on training will give you tools and techniques to reach young adults and help them transform their relationships. This research based content and engaging approach produces life long change in young adults that has the potential to impact generations. **The full Relationship IQ Leaders Manual will be available at a Summit discounted price at the training. It includes 36 weeks of small group curriculum and 6 lessons for retreats or larger group presentations. 

Presenter: Hannah Parmelee


Using Research and Evaluation to Prove, Improve, and Solidify Your Marriage Programs** 

Workshop Number: 1T-3

Date/Time: Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description:  The purpose of this training is to provide a comprehensive summary of the process of using data to achieve the absolute best results possible in your program, use that data to become an evidence-based practice, and use all of that to strengthen your ability to market your program both at local and national levels. The training will present an integrated, sequential set of phases for taking your program from A to Z of evaluation.

Presenter: Paul Birch


Building Smart Stepfamilies: Preparation and Re-Divorce Prevention**

Workshop Number: 1T-4

Date/Time: Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: Most divorced people remarry and form blended families. Despite optimism about “getting it right this time,” the stepcouple divorce rate remains alarming. Spend the day exploring key relational challenges leading to stepcouple distress and how educators, coaches, therapists, and ministry leaders can effectively intervene in the expanded stepfamily system (including children).

Presenter: Ron Deal


Widen Organizational Impact by Including Single Parent and Stepfamily Information: Powerful Single Parent Wisdom & Crucial Keys for Working Together as Parent and Stepparent**

Workshop Number: 1T-5

Date/Time: Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: This training teaches two easy, flexible, and practical programs complete with handouts, Power Point, etc. These two programs can stand alone, compliment, or be successfully integrated into current programs designed for traditional married couples and parenting courses.  

Presenter: Jayna Haney


Oxygen For Your Relationships**

Workshop Number: 1T-6

Date/Time: Monday, July 18  8:30am - 5:00pm

Description: Learn to facilitate Oxygen for Your Relationship couples event utilizing the DVD program. This training will work through eight different marriage/relationship topics to assist couples to get past common reoccurring issues, understand the emotional needs of their spouse, identify the strength and growth areas of their marriage, learn to speak their partners love language, how to communicate in such a way as to be heard, and much more!

Presenter: Garrick Pang