** CEUs Provided

Monday, June 15 / 1:30p - 3:00p

Making Google Work for You!  

Workshop Number: A-1

Description: Social Media is key to a successful marketing strategy. Learn how to use Google technology to enhance your brand and reach in your community and beyond.

Presenter: Nick Shelton, Google


What Men and Women Need to Know About Each Other: New Knowledge, Small Changes, Big Impacts

Workshop Number: A-2

Description: Many marriages and relationships are suffering due to something as tragically simple as a lack of the right information about what the opposite sex needs. This workshop will present a set of simple but life-changing factors every man and woman needs to know based on twelve years of rigorous research with more than 10,000 men and women.  

Presenter: Shaunti Feldhahn, Researcher, Author, Speaker


8 Essential Exchanges:  What You have to give up to go up

Workshop Number: A-3

Description: Learn how to build an organization with vision and values, elements of effective decision-making and a focus on impact through action.

Presenter: Kevin Scott, Founder ADDO

Is Free all it’s Cracked Up to Be?**

Workshop Number: A-4

Description: Learn how free might be hurting more than helping and research based strategies for making a lasting difference in people’s lives.

Presenter: Steve Corbett, Author


Tuesday, June 16 / 11:00a - 12:30p

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Adult Relationships** 

Workshop Number: B-1

Description: Learn effective strategies for addressing toxic stress in relationships and families.

Presenter: Carol ReddingACE Study Fellow, Founder of Health 


Effective Strategies for Church Partnerships

Workshop Number: B-2

Description:Learn strategies for effective partnerships with churches to help strengthen marriages and families. 

Presenter: Ted Lowe, Founder of Married People


Marketing thru Emotion to Millennials** 

Workshop Number: B-3

Description:  An interactive experience to help participants effectively market their programs and services to working class millennials. 

Presenter: Charles Kenny, Psychologist, Author

Collective Impact: Achieving Better Results Together versus Going it Alone**

Workshop Number: B-4

Description: Learn collective approaches to creating large-scale systemic impact, and how these approaches differ from the traditional methods employed by many singular nonprofits. 

Presenter: Leslie Crutchfield, Author, Speaker


Wednesday, June 17 / 9:00a - 10:30a

Essential Outcomes for Measuring the Impact of Relationship Education**

Workshop Number: C-1

Description: Explore a process for combining evaluation data to better make the case for the value of relationship education.  

Presenter: Alan Hawkins, Researcher, Professor


Building Resiliency in Military Families Using Emotional Intelligence: A Journey with 6seconds**

Workshop Number: C-2

Description: Learn emotional intelligence skills that facilitate resiliency in military families.

Presenter: David Tubley, Retired Military Chaplin


Building Your Brand Through Social Media and Technology

Workshop Number: C-3

Description: Learn how to leverage technology such as blogs and social media to attract and engage couples who are looking for help in their marriage. 

Presenter: Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, Founders BlackandMarriedwithkids.com


Being Remarkable!

Workshop Number: C-4

Description: UnRemarkable - A word that could be used to describe most businesses, most organizations, most careers and most lives. In the world of marketing it has been said "advertising is the TAX we pay for being unremarkable". For businesses and organizations the price for being unremarkable is far greater. For unremarkable careers the cost is higher pay checks and lower engagement. For unremarkable products and services we are forced to compete on price. So how do we avoid this...how do we reduce our "taxes"? That's what this talk will explore. And you might just find the answer to be....well.... REMARKABLE!

Presenter: David Salyers, VP of National and Regional Marketing for Chick-fil-A