5th Annual NARME Leadership Summit

June 15-17, 2015 in Atlanta, GA


Equipping those leading the way for healthy relationship development, family formation, and poverty prevention with the knowledge and strategies to be most effective in the workplace and community.

The NARME National Leadership Summit will be our annual meeting this year.  With the vast amount of change occurring we thought this would be a good year to do things a bit differently. 

Our goal is to: provide you with opportunities for new insights and fresh perspectives, share new and proven best practices, and bring groundbreaking research to the forefront to help us all refresh, renew, revitalize, refocus and re-envision our efforts to help people build strong families.   

All of us, no matter our discipline, must make sure we are not only trained in best demonstrated practices when it comes to curricula, we must also make sure we are armed with best practices for:

  • recruitment and retention of clients and attendees,
  • technology/social media,
  • leadership throughout our organizations because no matter what position you are in, you are leading,
  • teaching and speaking
  • marketing programs and services,
  • creating great atmospheres for learning, and so much more. 

At this year's unique summit, nationally known leaders across disciplines will present provocative plenary sessions designed to help all of us move from good to great and increase our impact and effectiveness in helping to form, strengthen, stabilize, and support families. Cutting edge workshops will offer resources to assist you inachieving your goals and of course there will be some fantastic opportunities for networking and learning from peers across the country.