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Monday, June 30 / 1:00p - 2:00p

The Heart of the Matter: More Than Simply a Matter of the Heart**

Track: Research      Workshop Number: A-1

Description: In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify each of the qualities that influence a person's capacity to love.  Workshop participants will be given tools that they can use as they work with dating men and women (who are searching for a healthy marriage partner) as well as with married men and women (who desire to become more healthy spouses).

Presenter: John Buri


ScreamFree Marriage: The 6 Principles of a ScreamFree Marriage**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: A-2

Description: We seek to teach couples how to Calm Down, Grow Up and Get Closer.

Presenter: Hal Runkel


Screening of a Documentary: Divorce Corp Pt.1

Track: Tools & Resources    Workshop Number: A-3

Description: A shocking exposé of the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. family law industry, Divorce Corp shines a bright light on the appalling waste, and shameless collusive practices seen daily in family courts. It is a stunning documentary film that anyone considering marriage or divorce must see.

Presenter: Special Guest


Monday, June 30 / 2:15p - 3:15p

Talking to Teens About Tough Topics**

Track: Youth & Single Adults     Workshop Number: B-1

Description: Training to discuss development, risk behaviors and relationships with teens or teens with parents.

Presenter: Alma L. Golden


Money, Marketing and Motivation**

Track: Tools & Resources   Workshop Number: B-2

Description: This workshop will focus on cost effective marketing strategies to increase attendance and retention for classes and events.

Presenter: Julie Baumgardner


Screening of a Documentary: Divorce Corp Pt.2

Track: Tools & Resources    Workshop Number: B-3

Description: A shocking exposé of the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. family law industry, Divorce Corp shines a bright light on the appalling waste, and shameless collusive practices seen daily in family courts. It is a stunning documentary film that anyone considering marriage or divorce must see.

Presenter: Special Guest


Monday, June 30 / 3:30p - 4:30p

Take Heart: Learning to Make the Most of the Good and Bad in Life**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: C-1

Description: Crisis is a natural part of life.  You can learn how to make the most of both the good and bad of life. Shared from personal experience of surviving her father's suicide and other hardships in life, as well as twenty years of social work experience, this workshop will challenge you to re-think your approach to the crisis of life.

Presenter: Connie VanGilder


Active Parenting for Stronger Families: How Parenting Education Makes Better Marriages, More Successful Children, and Satisfied Leaders**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: C-2

Description: Learn how to use skills from the new Active Parenting (4th Edition) to help parents not only handle parenting problems effectively and raise healthy children, but also to become better spouses and more effective people in general.

Presenter: Michael Popkin


Who Are We Serving (and How Many)? A Profile of Participants in ACF-Funded Relationship and Marriage Education Programs**

Track: Research     Workshop Number: C-3

Description: Understanding the Audience.

Presenter: Alan Hawkins     Co-Presenter: Sage Erickson


Tuesday, July 1 / 9:00a to 10:00a

S.O.S.  Effective Conflict Resolution

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: D-1

Description: Learn a tool to assist couples, families and individuals in resolving conflict effectively. Adapted from an elementary school playground, the S.O.S. tool is simple yet effective in ending unproductive conflict cycles.

Presenter: Lavern Nissley      Co-Presenter: Ronda Nissley


Successfully Addressing Substance Abuse Issues in Fatherhood and Marriage Programming

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: D-2

Description: Substance Abuse impacts 1 in 4 families in the U.S. Many Fatherhood and Marriage participants are likely experiencing this challenge too, wittingly or not! Come examine how an NREPP-listed approach (CLFC) successfully integrated drug prevention and intervention to get published results.

Presenter: Ted N. Strader     Co-Presenter: Teresa Boyd Strader


Quick Assessment & Practical Interventions: Family Wellness for the Helping Professions**

Track: Family     Workshop Number: D-3

Description: Psychotherapists, chaplains, caseworkers, and other people helpers often have to quickly determine how to intervene in individual, couple, and family dynamics to effect positive change. This workshop provides assessment and intervention strategies that are based on the Family Wellness model.

Presenter: Joseph Hernandez


Teaching the Hook-Up Millennials how to have the BEST Sex

Track: Youth & Single Adults     Workshop Number: D-4

Description: This workshop will outline how to reach the heart of the hook-up culture by focusing on issues of the heart. By teaching them fundamental skills they will in turn have healthier, more satisfying relationships, be able to build strong marriages and form safe and stable families for their future. Teaching skills to Live Well Love Well and Marry Well.

Presenter: Joneen Mackenzie


World Class Relationships for Work & Home

Track: Family     Workshop Number: D-5

Description: World Class Relationships for Work & Home -innovative curriculum for many populations equipping people with skills for getting and keeping a job and forming strong family relationships. This workshop will provide an overview of program and results from pilot projects.

Presenter: Luke Nelson     Co-Presenter: K. Jason Krafsky


FirstStone Forgiveness Intervention**

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: D-6

Description: The FirstStone Forgiveness Intervention (FFI) is a forgiveness skill and intervention for couples to help them move towards forgiveness and relationship healing.

Presenter: Richard Marks



Keeping It REAL: African American Couples

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: D-8

Description: Learn how to work with African American couples using tips and tools to enhance your healthy marriage program. Tools that include healthy marriage strategies will help you understand the process of communication and getting your message understood. We will capture the challanges in working with AA.

Presenter: Avis Files


The Case for Relationship Education: Articulating the Potential of our Work for Strengthening Society**

Track: Research     Workshop Number: D-9   

Description: The research-based case for Relationship Education has been made and it is compelling. Learn why RE needs to achieve scale as part of the mother's milk of our culture and how to use your unique voice in achieving this important transformation.

Presenter: Patty Howell


"Those People"

Track: Family     Workshop Number: D-10

Description: Gil and Brenda Stuart speak from their adventure with their 7 kids in their stepfamily. Let's put ourselves in our kid's shoes first, and then love from there. Is it easy? No.  Is it worth it? Totally.

Presenter: Brenda Stuart     Co-Presenter: Gil Stuart


Involving Fathers in Child Welfare**

Track: Youth & Single Adults     Workshop Number: D-11

Description:  This workshop will address the barriers of involving fathers in child welfare.

Presenter: Jeffrey Shears


Tuesday, July 1 / 11:30a - 12:30p

Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs): A Model For Supporting Lasting Marriages

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: E-1

Description: This workshop will provide an overview of the model used in the successful creation of a free monthly (MEGs) program. MEG funding, advertising, recruitment strategies, structure, results and directions for the future will be presented.

Presenter: Britton & Bobbye Wood     Co-Presenter: Cory Kildare




Rebuilding Broken Trust**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: E-4

Description: Couples can recover from infidelity, but it takes building trust. This workshop looks at the emotional impact of infidelity, focusing on steps that partners can take toward apologizing and granting forgiveness.

Presenter: Scott Haltzman


Relationship and Marriage Education in Jails: Getting In, Teaching, and Getting Results**

Track: Research     Workshop Number: E-5

Description: Learn how Healthy Relationships California has implemented Relationship and Marriage Education in jails and prisons, how inmates have responded, & outcome evaluation methods used. Presenters will report preliminary findings from data on relationships, employment, recidivism & character development.

Presenter: Dannelle Larsen-Rife     Co-Presenter: Bento Leal


Presencing: A Brain-Based Tool for Connection**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: E-6

Description: Learn an effective, simple tool to calm the emotional brain, bypass the amygdala and create connection.  Help couples learn to create new neural pathways that rewire the brain for healing and intimacy.

Presenter: Jean Griffis


Spit'in Anger - The Documentary

Track: Fathering      Workshop Number: E-7

Description: Spit'in Anger is the exploration into the uncharted space of fatherlessness. Through the story of one of America's premier leaders in the responsible fatherhood movement--Kenneth Braswell--we learn that the filmmaker and healer is about to receive a lesson in healing himself. (This is a viewing of the documentary)

Presenter: Kenneth Braswell


Dads Making a Difference

Track: Fathering     Workshop Number: E-8

Description: In this workshop you will learn about an effective alternative to incarceration for men who are behind on their child support.

Presenter: Todd Agne     Co-Presenter: Julie M. Baumgardner


The Family & Domestic Violence: Warning Signs & Prevention

Track: Family     Workshop Number: E-9

Description: In our nation we hear of high profile crimes of tragic violence in the stories of comedian Phil Hartman, football great Steve McNair, Kansas City's linebacker Jovan Blecher, and Travis Alexander. These stories remind us of how domestic violence is a crime which doesn't discriminate between the poor or wealthy.

Presenter: Lupe Valdez


Marriage License Legislative Reform / The Marriage Education Act

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: E-10

Description: Learn why amending marriage license laws such that a marriage license be treated as any other license and held to a minimal level of required education will benefit couples, children, and taxpayers and how such legislation is structured and realized.

Presenter: David Schel


Restorative Justice Circles

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: E-11

Description: If Restorative Justice Circles can resolve conflicts in communities where people kill, beat, steal, rape, fight, argue, lie, and totally ignore authority-it can undoubtedly transform conflict in our homes. Of course who do you forgive more in a given day than the people you live with?

Presenter: Michelle MacDonald


Tuesday, July 1 / 1:30p - 2:30p

Connections of the Heart**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: F-1

Description: This workshop will teach "Seasoned Relationship Educators"   practical techniques for engaging, reconnecting and re-igniting the commitment of couples whose marriages are in distress.

Presenter: David Banks     Co-Presenter: Pam Johnson


Boost your Youth Program Using the Newest Tools**

Track: Youth & Single Adults     Workshop Number: F-2

Description: An overview of new and revised, relevant, and engaging youth-focused programs designed and proven to help you recruit, educate, and inspire teens and young adults in your marriage education programs.  Participants will leave with sample lessons.

Presenter: Irene Varley     Co-Presenter: Aaron Larson


Family Structure and Child Well-being**

Track: Research     Workshop Number: F-3

Description: A review of current research linking child outcomes to family and a critical discussion

Presenter: Alma L. Golden


Intentional, Real-Life Marriage-- The Second Time Around (What we learned in our 2nd marriage that we didn't know in our 1st!)

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: F-4

Description: After a decade plus of a thriving marriage and stepfamily, Jayna and Mike fearlessly share their daily practices and funny, true stories about an imperfect, still passionate, real-life, happily married couple.  Leave laughing, enlightened, hopeful, and more forgiving. Great gems to share with couples you serve.

Presenter: Jayna Haney


Working on Mars: How to successfully work with Fathers**

Track: Fathering     Workshop Number: F-5

Description: To be successful in engaging fathers, programs have to understand the culture of fatherhood and men. Programs have limited themselves by overthinking the work of fatherhood. This workshop will give programs a pragmatic, field tested foundation for better working with men in their programs

Presenter: Mike Hall


Reluctantly Related: Critical Insight into the Fragile Relationship Between Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-in-Law**

Track: Family     Workshop Number: F-6

Description: The mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship  affects every relationship in the family. Breaking unhealthy patterns in this relationship is key to changing the relationship itself. Learn why this relationship is such a struggle and how you can improve it, thus improving family relationships as a whole.

Presenter: Deanna Brann


Relational Law & Mediation Relational Trusts - Crisis Intervention and Prevention**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: F-7

Description: Relational Law and Mediation; Relational Trusts: Learn how to help lawyers and judges develop programs to identify parents who have a reasonable chance of reconciliation before or during a divorce action; encourage parents and grandparents to set up relational trusts.

Presenter: Michael Hiller


Laugh Together; Stay Together**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: F-8

Description: Participate in some elements of a new workshop for couples that helps them lighten up their relationship; gain techniques to help couples use humor and fun as unifying ways to strengthen their relationship.

Presenter: Susanne M. Alexander


"I Didn't See This Coming!"

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: F-9

Description: Learn the challenges, joys and adventures in a remarriage. The Stuarts have "dirt under the fingernails" experience, you'll find the workshop educational, encouraging and you'll walk away with some practical skills.

Presenter: Brenda Stuart     Co-Presenter: Gil Stuart



Empower Tools-Stepping Up and Art of Marriage

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: F-11     Faith Based: Yes

Description: Roll up your sleeves to understand how to use 2 powerful tools and how to empower many others to dramatically impact men, transform marriages and impact lives. See clips. Examine workbooks. Understand options for single event use or multi-week use.

Presenter: Jeff Kemp


Wednesday, July 2 / 9:00a - 10:00a


Track: Family     Workshop Number: G-1

Description: Family is the place for people to belong, feel safe and grow. Many times we fall short in reaching these goals. Learn three skills and patterns that families can use to strengthen themselves, in a highly interactive and fun way.

Presenter: Ana Morante     Co-Presenter: Joseph L. Hernandez



Meet The Need: Core Needs for Intimacy**

Track: Marriage    Workshop Number: G-3

Description: Just as humans have physical needs for health, there are certain relational needs that must be met for love to be experienced.  This workshop identifies these needs and how educators can help couples.

Presenter: Richard Marks


Promoting Health & Self-Sufficiency Through Education

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: G-4

Description:  Participants will learn how this grassroots organization identified unmet needs in their communities, then created and introduced an educational program to all those who inquire, without exception that is 100% operational & sustainable through community support and donations.

Presenter: Gerri Wybo-Zimmerling


The Secrets of Happy Families: The resiliency cure**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: G-5

Description: In order for families to thrive during difficult times, they need to develop skills to bounce back from adversity.  Building resiliency is a skill that can be taught to families, and be passed on from generation to generation.

Presenter: Scott Haltzman


Training Female Service Providers to Effectively Engage Fathers**

Track: Fathering     Workshop Number: G-6

Description: Explores the role and practice of female professionals who deliver services to fathers.  The majority of helping professionals are women; the life experiences and cultural influences they bring to their work can be barriers or opportunities to effective compliance and father-child engagement.

Presenter: Stacey Bouchet     Co-Presenter: Kenneth Braswell


Working with Father to Improve Child Outcomes**

Track: Fathering     Workshop Number: G-7

Description: Fatherhood is more than getting men to be responsible. When organizations reach and teach fathers, children and families become stronger. Participants will learn how their organization can work with fathers to improve outcomes for children and families.

Presenter: Mike Hall


Having Equal Voices As a Couple**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: G-8

Description: Participatory skill-building for working with couples to strengthen foundation of excellent character and deep respect in communication. Learn Couple Consultation method for building mutual understanding and decision-making based on equality, a diversity of views, and excellent communication skills.

Presenter: Susanne M. Alexander


Relationship Rx: An Evidence-Based Program to Improve All Couples Relationships**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: G-9

Description: In this workshop, you will learn about a program that promotes lifelong relationship health called Relationship Rx.  It makes use of two empirically based programs that are proven to significantly improve couples relationships, the Marriage Checkup and Within Our Reach.  The Marriage Checkup is a new, unique, and innovative brief intervention that helps couples gain a deeper understanding of the roots of their ongoing relationship difficulties and to use this understanding in generating effective steps toward resolving their distress around these difficulties.

Presenter: Kristina Gordon


Working with Latino Individuals, Couples and Families

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: G-10

Description: Learn of a new and free researched-based resource to help equip marriage and family champions working with Latino individuals, couples and families.

Presenter: Maria Buchanan     Co-Presenter: Jorge Davila


Introduction to EV-ROI: A Strategy to Diversify Your Revenue Sources

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: G-11

Description: Learn about Expected Value-Return on Investment (EV-ROI) and how this strategy can translate outcomes into impact of your program to attract new investors and new revenue streams. Hear how this proven business model is used by RME organizations to advance their sustainability goals.

Presenter: Melanie Shaw Ginn    Co-Presenter:  William Wubbenhorst


Wednesday, July 2 / 11:30a - 12:30p

Launching Hope: How to Stop Raising Kids and Start Parenting Our Teens with the End in Mind**

Track: Family     Workshop Number: H-1

Description: A ScreamFree Parenting approach toward launching teenagers into adulthood.

Presenter: Hal Runkel



Adding Stepfamily and Single Parent Information to Your Current Relationship Education Programs

Track: Family     Workshop Number: H-3

Description: Got stepfamilies and single parents attending your marriage and parenting programs? But its hard to know how to address their specific issues.  The Bridge Across has developed many simple and effective add on programs to enhance and be integrated into the programs you already use.

Presenter: Jayna Haney      Co-Presenter: Mike Haney


Learn Your Enneagram Personality Style, Your Chief Strengths and Your Best Focus for Managing Stress**

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: H-4

Description: Learn how the nine Enneagram personality Types reveal the person's best source of skills and the best focus for personal growth.  Identify signs of too much stress and the most direct strategies for mastering such challenges.

Presenter: Heather Carlile


Building and Sustaining an Effective Responsible Fatherhood Program

Track: Fathering     Workshop Number: H-5

Description: Engage fathers in building a new culture for their families through the implementation of high quality curriculum.  Learn how to develop collaborative relationships, identify resources, and use effective data management to sustain your effort.

Presenter: Catherine Tijerina     Co-Presenter: Ron Tijerina


Working with and Responding to the Media**

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: H-6

Description: Participants will learn how to pitch stories to the media and how to respond to stories about marriage, fatherhood and family.

Presenter: Scott Stanley      Co-Presenter: Julie Baumgardner


Strengthening Families the Family Wellness Way  - Part B**

Track: Family     Workshop Number: H-7

Description: Having a great marriage and being an effective parent takes more than love and good intentions, it takes SKILLS!  In this highly interactive follow up workshop participants will practice the FW skills and patterns as they apply to couples and parenting.

Presenter: Ana Morante     Co-Presenter: Joseph L. Hernandez


Parent and Teen Workshop

Track: Family     Workshop Number: H-8

Description: A workshop to show how to give parents and teens the tools to have a healthy relationship with strong communication.

Presenter: Mike Bohn


Discovering Our Deepest Desire - Building Ongoing Catholic Marriage Enrichment Programming**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: H-9     Faith Based: Yes

Description: Learn about a new and exciting Catholic marriage enrichment curriculum that is utilized as a foundation for building a culture of ongoing marriage support in our churches. This curriculum is filled with activities, scripture, tools and homework for continued relationship development.

Presenter: Greg Schutte


Decoding the Media Messages: At the Heart of the Matter (How Media Messaging is Effecting the Youngest Generations View of Relationships and Marriage)**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: H-10

Description: Learn how the current teen generation is being effected by media messaging and how this effects their long-term outlook on marriage and relationships and how to combat it.

Presenter: Brendan Gallagher


The PICK No-Jerks course:Teach single adults & youth, and empower parents**

Track: Youth & Single Adults     Workshop Number: H-11

Description:  Learn to teach adults and middle through college-age young adults the PICK curriculum: 5 or 10-lessons, Christian and secular versions, and a Parent Guide to teach parents how to talk with their kids about the program. Discounts on teach-out-of-the-box certification.

Presenter: John Van Epp


Wednesday, July 2 / 1:30p to 2:30p

When Love Hurts: A Christian Perspective on Safe Relationships within the Church**

Track: Family       Workshop Number: I-1             Faith Based: Yes

Description: Domestic violence--in the church?!?! Many Christians bear the burden of abuse alone due to fear of being disbelieved, ostracized, condemned and so much more.  Learn how church traditions and spiritual beliefs nurture this fear.  Learn how the church can bring healing and hope instead.

Presenter: Andrea Gibbs


Parenting Education for Middle School Teens, Life Skills Education, or Both?**

Track: Family     Workshop Number: I-2

Description: Despite the power struggles and conflicts, parents of teens and teens themselves ultimately share the same goal, preparing the teen to survive and thrive in a fast-changing world. Using examples from the evidence based program, Active Parenting of Teens: Families in Action, learn how to create dynamic courses for parents, for teens, or for parents and teens together to help them achieve this goal.

Presenter: Michael Popkin


Man in the Middle: The Significant Role Men Play in the Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law Relationship**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: I-3

Description: The mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship affects every relationship in the family. Learn how marriages are impacted by the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship, the role a husband plays in this fragile relationship, and how to determine between in-law issues and marital issues.

Presenter: Deanna Brann


Powerful Partnerships

Track: Tools & Resources     Workshop Number: I-4

Description: Powerful Partnerships is designed to provide to you with tools and strategies to identify and form mutually beneficial partnerships within your community. These partnerships will help you fulfill your mission while supporting others in theirs, a true 'win-win' for your community.

Presenter: Jason Thomas

The Heartbeat of Relationship Education**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: I-6

Description: Program Managers and Relationship Educators will gain strategies, insights and the important aspects of successfully engaging diverse populations of parents, fathers, singles, married couples, teens and job seekers, in exciting and energy packed experiential learning workshops.

Presenter: Deborah Gunn


The Christian Prenuptial Agreement: The New Mandate**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: I-7     Faith Based: Yes

Description: God put His prenup with us in writing. Are we not mandated to do the same when we can overcome the counter-biblical secular laws with the signing of a document?

Presenter: Patricia Hartman


"Yes, Sir": Special Circumstances in Military Outreach

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: I-8

Description: Develop awareness of how to effectively reach out to military couples.

Presenter: Bob & Barbara Zielinski


Strong Parents, Strong Schools

Track: Family     Workshop Number: I-9

Description: Learn of effective curriculum for reaching parents in the schools as strategy for healthy marriage and family formation

Presenter: Maria Buchanan      Co-Presenter: Victoria Infante


Couple LINKS: Staying Together When Life Pulls You Apart**

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: I-10

Description: Slow leaks lead to big blowouts in relationships. Learn to keep your relationship balanced in communication, trust, respect, mutual need fulfillment, commitment and sexual intimacy with the RAM in the LINKS course. Discounts on teach-out-of-the-box certification; Bible study/secular versions.

Presenter: John Van Epp


A Church Based Marriage Ministry Model That works

Track: Marriage     Workshop Number: I-11        Faith based: Yes

Description: For the last 11 years Watermark’s approach of preparing newly weds, establishing nearly weds, and enriching and restoring all marriages has had a large impact in their church and community. The workshop will discuss the why and practical how-to’s of Watermark’s ministry model and how the strategy can be contextualized for your church.

Presenter: John McGee


** CEUs Provided