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Family Wellness Instrutor Training: Survival Skills For Healthy Families**

Track: Family     Training Number: 3T-2

Date/Time: Sat, June 28 - Mon, June 30 / 8a-5p

Description: For 30+ years, Family Wellness has taught the three skills and patterns that have proven effective for families in different cultures.  Through interactive teaching, fun activities, and including the entire family, learn how to strengthen families the Family Wellness way!

Presenter: Ana Morante     Co-Presenter: Joseph L. Hernandez



THREE Certifications for Singles, Couple & Families: PICK, LINKS & OUR HOME RUNS**

Track: Marriage     Training Number: 3T-4

Date/Time: Sat, June 28 - Mon, June 30 / 8a-5p

Description: FThree Certifications in RAM Programs-PICK: teach singles (youth/adults) to safely build new romantic relationships and five areas of marriageability. LINKS: teach couples skills to keep strong bonds. OUR HOME RUNS: strengthen family bonds with fun learning- Christian, secular, military versions.

Presenter: John Van Epp

Active Relationships for Singles, Married, Engaged and Dating Couples - A Certification Training**

Track: Marriage     Training Number: 2T-1

Date/Time: Sat, June 28 - Sun, June 29 / 8a-5p

Description: The participant will receive double Certification to teach Active Marriage and Best Practices & Active Choices, used with singles, dating, engaged & married couples. Learn theories & dynamic implementation techniques for: communication, anger management, conflict resolution, love & romance, levels of desire & deeper connections.

Presenter: Anthony Landry     Co-Presenter: Karen B. Anzak


World Class Relationships for Work & Home**

Track: Family     Training Number: 2T-3

Date/Time: Sun, June 29 - Mon, June 30 / 8a-5p

Description: In World Class Relationships for Work & Home, you will learn the 16 Pillars for creating caring and cooperation with the key people in your life and be able to implement the three conditions that create personal and relationship growth.

Presenter: Patty Howell     Co-Presenter: Luke Nelson

What About Dad? Training Service Providers to Effectively Engage Non-Resident Fathers**

Track: Fathering     Training Number: 1T-2

Date/Time: Sun, June 29 ONLY / 8a-5p

Description: Explores the role and practice of human service professionals and how they can effectively engage non-resident fathers by understanding issues of power, gender, race, and socioeconomic status of professionals and the fathers and families they serve.

Presenter: Stacey Bouchet     Co-Presenter: Kenneth Braswell

TYRO Dads Facilitator Training

Track: Fathering     Training Number: 2T-4

Date/Time: Sun, June 29 - Mon, June 30 / 8a-5p

Description: Participants will learn how to effectively engage at-risk fathers in building a new culture for their families by focusing on developing emotional intelligence and increasing parenting skills.  TYRO Dads is an evidence-based and best practice program that delivers results.

Presenter: Catherine Tijerina     Co-Presenter: Ron Tijerina

From Reaction to Connection: A Structure for Intimacy**

Track: Marriage     Training Number: 1T-3 

Date/Time: Sun, June 29 ONLY / 8a-5p

Description: Learn a structure and processes that allows couples to talk about what matters in connection rather than from a place of anger, complaint and resignation

Presenter: Jean Griffis






Active Families - A Certification Training**

Track: Family     Training Number: 1T-1 

Date/Time: Mon, June 30 ONLY / 8a-5p

Description: Certification to present ACTIVE FAMILIES, to mothers, fathers, caregivers & children ages 3 +. Teach fun-filled healthy relationship skills to families together. Use with state and federally funded grantees, Head Start, schools, military , faith-based, and Spanish-speaking communities.

Presenter: Anthony Landry     Co-Presenter: Karen B. Anzak

Emotional & Relational Intelligence (ERQ) and Healthy Marriages**

Track: Marriage     Training Number: 1T-11 

Date/Time: Mon, June 30 ONLY / 8a-5p

Description: Learn how the foundational insights of Emotional & Relational Intelligence (ERQ) provide a solid foundation for building healthy marriages and how healthy anger management can facilitate healthy conflict in ways that lead to increased trust and intimacy and healthy marriages.

Presenter: Gary Oliver     Co-Presenter: Stew Grant & Derek Gwinn


** CEUs Provided 

(All trainings that are scheduled for Monday, June 30 will break for the plenary sesions.)