Wednesday, July 17 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Foster Parents Need Fostering Too

Workshop Number: A-1

Description: Discover the roller coaster journey that foster parents take and why your expertise is just what they need.  In this interactive workshop, you will hear confessions from parents about how fostering impacts their marriages and learn three specific ways you can support foster families in your community.

Presenter: Jeremy Walden, Auburn University and Micah Melnick, Auburn University 


Relationship Goals: Plug-n-play series for PICK & LINKS

Workshop Number: A-2

Description: Learn about the brand-new video-led discussion group versions of the evidenced-based programs, PICK for singles (youth & adults) and LINKS for couples —research supports effectiveness for adults, HS students with over million users. No certification needed. Community and Christian versions.

Presenter: John Van Epp, Ph.D., Love Thinks 


"What's a Dad to Do?" Tips from the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse on Responsible Fatherhood in Blended Families

Workshop Number: A-3

Description: Blended families, those households with a parent, at least one child, and a new partner, often experience some level of difficulty. Discord between parents and children, tension between ex-spouses, and a lack of extended family support are issues commonly experienced. This workshop will introduce interactive tips for encouraging healthy practices and strategies for fathers in blended families such as practicing forgiveness and communication, pre-family counseling, and the important of parenting coordination. 

Presenter: Eugene Schneeberg, National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse 


How Porn is Keeping Men from Marriage

Workshop Number: A-4

Description: What if the hope of a life-giving, life-long marriage we're thwarted by one single habit indulged in by the majority of unmarried men; a habit which takes hold before most reach adolescence? In this workshop, you will become epuipped to help these men.

Presenter: Michael Johnson, Future Marriage University 


The Rise of the Divided Family: Understanding Its Impact on Youth and Addiction

Workshop Number: A-5

Description: With the rise of the divided family, young people often get caught in patterns of addiction as an escape from high conflict parents. This happens inside the home and after divorce and in remarriage. This workshop will explore some of the common roots to the issue of kids impacted by divorce who turn to addiction as a way out of the pain. We will also take a look at research and today's pop culture and media with a goal of increasing compassion and understanding for those clients and organizations we serve.

Presenter: Tammy Daughtry, MMFT, CoParenting International 


Military OneSource: 24/7 Support At Your Fingertips

Workshop Number: A-6

Description: Join this workshop for a special virtual tour of Military OneSource, the Department of Defense’s 24/7 call center and website that provides information, answers and support on every aspect of military life. Learn how Military OneSource has evolved to meet the needs of the military community, and discover best practices for service delivery. This workshop also features ways participants can connect to Military OneSource’s high-tech and high-touch support to help service members and their families manage stress, strengthen relationships, support children and youth, health and wellness goals, and more.

Presenter: Erika Slaton, DoD, Military Community and Family Policy 


Wednesday, July 17 / 1:45p - 3:15p

Understanding Attachment Styles and The Impact on Creating and Maintaining a Healthy, Loving, Lasting Relationship

Workshop Number: B-1

Description: Building a healthy relationship takes time, effort, and energy, and consist of respecting differences, beliefs, values and personalities. Learn how Attachment Styles impact how a person views love and romantic relationships, and focuses on the emotional bond a person has with another in a relationship, and research has shown that attachment styles formed in childhood has an impact on a person¿s ability to develop a healthy, romantic relationship. 

Presenter: LaWanda Evans, Ed.D., LPC, NCC, The Healthy Relationship Institute


Churches Shepherding Couples to Protect and Invest in Their Marriage (FB)

Workshop Number: B-2

Description: The Grace Marriage model is to get away from the business of life once every 90 days to work on your marriage.  Work on managing your life, not allowing it to manage you.  

Presenter: Brad Rhoads, Grace Church 


Growth Behind Bars: Opportunities for RE to Deepen Our Cultural Impact

Workshop Number: B-3

Description: Learn the impressive impact on inmates of 5 skills-based curricula offered by Healthy Relationships California. From this impact, HRC sees an important and critical opportunity for RE organizations to transform incarceration so that inmates learn relationship and self-regulation skills that equip them to succeed upon release, and to reduce the intolerable economic and human costs our country pays for incarceration.

Presenter: Patty Howell, Ed.M., A.G.C., Healthy Relationships California and Bento Leal, Healthy Relationships California


Parenting and Stepparenting Grieving Children

Workshop Number: B-4

Description: After the death or loss of a parent, do the children have time and space to grieve? Many bio parents and stepparents give the "deer-in-the-headlights" look when asked this question. Three different family constituents bio parent,stepparent,and grieving child bring three different sets of needs into the new family dynamic. In this session, learn how to recognize and validate multiple levels of often competing needs in grieving families. Through case study work within the session, join discussions about ways to nudge family members down a more empathetic path, one in which children have the space to grieve.

Presenter: Diane Fromme, grief and loss author and peer mentor, Stepparenting the Grieving Child 


Statewide Premarital Preparation: Legislation, Implementation, and Evaluation

Workshop Number: B-5

Description: The workshop will provide an overview of statewide efforts to increase participation in premarital education.  There will be three sections of the workshop that include: 1) legislative activities to provide incentives and means to participate in premarital education.  2) Policy implementation of premarital education incentives and programming.  3)  Evaluation of premarital education efforts and implications for policy.

Presenter: Paul Schvaneveldt, Ph.D., CFLE,  Weber State University and Alan Hawkins, Ph.D., Brigham Young University 


Prescription Refill! It’s time to reexamine our lens through today’s communication among adolescents and adults. Get your lens ready!

Workshop Number: B-6

Description: Modern communication is quite different than how it used to be. During this interactive sessions, participants will be able to identify their own styles of communication with a magnifying glass, refocus their lens on daily communication, examine their vision of communication, and have a follow up appointment to what their lens future forecast will be going forward.

Presenter: Washington Jackson III, M.DIV., AVANCE-Houston


Thursday, July 18 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Enhancing Vulnerability and Trust with Low-Income Couples: Integrating Techniques from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Group Therapy within a Relationship Education Program

Workshop Number: C-1

Description: Over the past 15 years, Montefiore's Supporting Healthy Relationships Program has delivered healthy marriage and relationship education services to thousands of low-income and underserved couples in the Bronx community. Our trauma-informed treatment model is delivered by clinically trained psychologists, mental health counselors, and social workers, and is based on three nationally known programs. According to findings from recent outcome research, our federally-funded program has demonstrated significant improvements in the lives of our diverse couples. This workshop will summarize recent research outcomes in order to highlight how SHR successfully stimulates healthy and lasting relationships. 

Presenter: Moshe Moeller, Ph.D., Montefiore Medical Center and Tracy Maynigo, Psy.D., Ed.M., Montefiore Medical Center 


Re-framing the Conversation from Sex to Love

Workshop Number: C-2

Description: All humans desire to be loved, respected and affirmed. Why are these issues of the heart not included in sex education programs across the country? This workshop will highlight how we can impart healthy relationship development skills to the next generation and increase health and well-being.

Presenter: Joneen Mackenzie, RN, The Center for Relationship Education 


Emotional Regulation for Leaders in the Workplace

Workshop Number: C-3

Description: Whether leaders are just starting out or have been at it for a while, they have people problems.  Learn a tangible and proven approach for conflict-resolution that restores unity and trust to workplace relationships, as it makes use of the Restoration Therapy model.  In addition to learning this model, you'll find out how to apply it within a preventative, therapeutic, and crisis-based context inside your professional, academic, and mental health community.

Presenter: Meghan Eaken, LMFT, Pepperdine University


It goes both ways: How to communicate effectively in your personal and professional relationships.

Workshop Number: C-4

Description: This presentation is for those working with individuals and couples who want powerful communication tools to accomplish their goals. They are introduced to a new way of thinking about the conversations they have and their communication style. 

Presenter: Daryl Fletcher, Love Logistics Relationship Coaching


Time to Grow Up: Emotional Health and the Family

Workshop Number: C-5

Description: The breakdown of marriage and family has led to a nation with serious issues of immaturity in adults.  This session focuses on the journey to how we as a nation came to this place and how relationship educators can help people mature emotionally through our skills based programs that teach emotional regulation.

Presenter:  Richard Marks, Ph.D., Live the Life 


Parenting with The Happy Kid Toolkit

Workshop Number: C-6

Description: This workshop is designed for youth leaders, caregivers, educators, marriage and family counselors to learn how to use the Happy Kid Toolkit to teach parents the importance of healthy communication, setting boundaries and parenting without the need to blame, shame or collapse into helplessness.

Presenter:  Danielle Alvarez-Greer, CLC, Happy Family Coach 


Friday, July 19 / 9:00a - 10:30a

Our Home Runs: Evidenced-based Family & Parenting Program

Workshop Number: D-1

Description: Learn how to facilitate the evidenced-based Home Run programs for entire families or just parents/dads. Both are fun and engaging with activities- developing a game plan for parenting goals, individual child stat sheets family motto, and family meetings plan.

Presenter: John Van Epp, Ph.D., Love Thinks 


Helping Couples Who Fall In Love Grow In Love

Workshop Number: D-2

Description: Falling in love is easy. Growing in love takes work. Learn strategies to help couples cultivate and maintain a passionate, loving relationship that will last a lifetime. 

Presenter: Leslie Griffin, Ph.D., CFLE, Marriage Champs


Using the Power of Story to Initiate Change

Workshop Number: D-3

Description: Use the power of story to educate, spark conversation and initiate change. Learn how you can use edutainment to reach large masses with a powerful message of hope.

Presenter: Sarah Pichardo, Family Bridges and Robert Salazar, Family Bridges 


Marriage as a Feminist Institution 

Workshop Number: D-4

Description: This is a myth-busting look at how and why marriage strengthens the relational and social influence of women like no other social institution. No close competitor actually. I demonstrate this by looking at the nature of male and female (sexually, socially and domestically) and the social purpose marriage plays in human experience across all cultures. 

Presenter: Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family 


Promoting Intergenerational Healing and Community Resilience

Workshop Number: D-5

Description: The suffering that is not transformed gets transmitted. Based on two powerful programs: Safe, Secure and Loved and Family Wellness, this workshop provides a model on how to strengthen our families and communities from the inside out. Key elements in well being (healthy attachment, mindfulness, compassion, emotional presence) are learned and practiced by mothers of young children and the people who support them. Other benefits of the model: promotes leadership, low-cost implementation, applicable to families from diverse backgrounds.

Presenter: Ana Morante, LMFT, CFLE, Family Wellness Associates


Forging Intimate Relationships that Last

Workshop Number: D-6

Description: This workshop is designed to equip coaches, counselors and program leaders in guiding men to overcome relational barriers, sexual dependency, and understand the process of developing healthy authentic intimacy. This workshop will provide insight, and proven resources for restoring broken men into blessed men.

Presenter: Randall Turner, Ph.D., Strong Family Institute and The Father's Workshop


Friday, July 19 / 11:00a - 12:30p

Radically Restoring Marriages in Your Church (FB)

Workshop Number: E-1

Description: This workshop will present a proven approach for a church to address the breakdown of marriages and families. Participants will receive a book with the same title. This workshop is for pastors, church leaders, and those in marriage and family ministry.

Presenter: Alan and Autumn Ray, Marriage Team 


Successfully Implementing a Statewide Rollout of an Evidenced-Based Family- Strengthening Curriculum Series

Workshop Number: E-2

Description: CLFC developers trained professional and passionate grass roots community members through the Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program (UMADAOP), a federation of 11 agencies across Ohio strategically poised to fulfill the ambitious goals of the project. Come learn how this can be done!

Presenter: Ted Strader, COPES, Inc.


Connection Centered Couples Coaching

Workshop Number: E-3

Description:  Learn tools and practices that make your clients relationship connected and satisfying.  Discover key skills that help couples live in a relational partnership  This will give them the freedom and ease to talk about whatever they want in a mood of safety and trust.  Out of this, new possibilities for your relationship emerge that deepens the connection.

Presenter: Jean Griffis, Ph.D., Relationships You Love 


The Hero Husband Project: Inviting Men into Their Marriages

Workshop Number: E-4

Description: The traditional rules and roles of marriage have been upended, creating confusion and tension for all. Men have increasingly been left out of the discussion, to the detriment of them as well as to their intimate relationships. The Hero Husband Project is a new approach to bring them in from the cold.

Presenter: Lesli Doares, LMFT, Foundations Coaching 


Transforming Fathers with a 24-hour Academy

Workshop Number: E-5

Description: Learn about the R3 Academy, a 24-hour program to help fathers improve their (1) relationship with their kids (2) relationship with their co-parent (3) relationships in the workplace. Hear how Healthy Relationships California launched the R3 Academy as a New Pathways for Fathers and Families federal project, and first-hand accounts of the profound impact this is having with English and Spanish-speaking dads.

Presenter: Jason Krafsky, Healthy Relationships California


Breaking the Cycle of Youth Involvement in the Justice System  

Workshop Number: E-6

Description: Understanding the community and family challenges that create conditions that disproportionately subject some youth to the juvenile justice system is critical to developing community-based interventions that offer a holistic approach to both preventing youth justice system involvement and setting justice-system-involved youth on a more positive path. This interactive workshop will discuss these factors and successful strategies for mitigating risks through the integration of healthy relationship education. 

Presenter: Robyn Cenizal, National Resource Center for Healthy Marriages and Families